Bonus submission - Terms and Conditions.

  1. Max 10 daily submissions for user/IP address.

  2. Please submit only new, fresh, interesting and working (at least for you) bonuses only! (Expired bonuses are not allowed, of course!).

  3. No deposit BINGO bonuses/free spins only! (Bonuses that require any prior deposit from the player are not allowed!).

  4. Who come first win! (If more than one user will submit the same bonus, the first in order of time will receive the credits for the submission, we are sorry for this, but you can check what bonuses are already published on list to avoid duplicates, since duplicate bonuses are not allowed too!

  5. Please, post your bonuses for the community, we will be glad to pay all our contributors on time and frequently, but we reserve the rights to suspend a member subscription in case of abuses or poor quality of the submissions (old bonuses, not working bonuses, poor descriptions, we can easily tell…).

  6. Just keep in mind that BingoBOnus.Codes will pay you in Bitcoins, but we don’t have any obligations to do that in the future, since this is an experiment that can be stopped at any time for various reasons (but with your genuine help, we hope that this can be a mutually long-term partnership).

  7. When you submit a new bonus you will receive an instant PENDING Bitcoin credit accordingly the actual value written on top of the submit form. The pending amount will be subtracted in case of the submission will be not confirmed for any of the mentioned reason. If the submission will be confirmed the pending credits will be converted to owned credits

  8. The minimum confirmed balance to request a cash out is 0.02 BTC.

  9. At this time the global submission limit is 1300 for a period of 7 days, this mean that when this limit will be reached you will need to wait some hours before to make a new submission. Due the large amount of bonuses sent, this precaution is still necessary at this stage, but we expect to progressively increase this limit very soon.


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