Terms and Conditions.

Bonus terms for submissions:

  1. You can only add 30 bonuses maximum (per IP address).

  2. Try and select only appealing promos, which will be useful to players. Make sure they’re still valid.
    * the expired ones will be rejected.

  3. We have the right to reject a member’s subscription if we notice any form of abuse or if there’s a long timeframe of inactivity.

  4. Duplicate bonuses are not allowed.
    * Better to check in advance for potential duplicates. Search for a bonus code and see if maybe it already has been submitted. If more users added the same bonus, priority will be hold by chronology. In some cases, by bonus details.

  5. We remind that our participants will get credited as soon as their submission will be submitted.
    * You’ll see instant gratification for your activity. The $0.5 per submission will be reflected in your pending amount. If the submission is approved, it will be added to real credit.

Weekly Prize:

  1. Top 4 members who manage to get the best promos uploaded (approved submissions) will be rewarded on a weekly basis. You can check the counter here

  2. The total prize pool is split as follows: 50% of the prize goes to the user holding the first rank. Minimum prize value is set at $50, even if the number of submissions x value doesn’t reach that amount.
    25% is going to 2nd ranked user.
    15% is going to 3rd ranked user.
    10% is going to 4th ranked user.

  3. E.g: if the total weekly prize reaches $120 value, the prizes will be:
    1. 1st rank $60
    2. 2nd rank $30
    3. 3rd rank $18
    4. 4th rank $12

  4. Should there be a tie situation, our team will calculate prizes as in the example:
    1. 1st position - 60p - will receive 50% of the total prize value, since he is the only member holding the 1st position.
    2. 2nd position - 55p – will get 20% of the prize value.
    2. 2nd position - 55p – another 20% of the prize value.
    4. 4th position - 48p – 5% of the prize value.
    4. 4th position – 48p – same as above, 5%.
    *Basically since there’s a tie, the 3rd position will be eliminated in this examples, resulting in members holding the 2nd rank will be splitting the total value of prizes 2 + 3 cumulated, meaning 40% of the prize value, 20% each
    Same goes for the 4th position in this case

  5. The counter will show the updated ranking in real time.

  6. Every approved submission will add 16 cents to the total prize.

  7. The counter will restart every monday.

  8. Prize payments will be processed within two weeks from winners announcement.

  9. Winners are kindly requested to confirm their LTC wallet on our dedicated forum section.

Bonuses submitted by promoters:

  1. This type of account can refer to a person from the casino teams or to a partner site

  2. The type of account will be submitting only exclusive bonuses.

  3. The promoters do not receive crypto rewards.

  4. If you wish to create a promoter account, please get in touch with us priorly.

  5. The submissions limit for this type of account is 30/day

General Terms:

  1. We have the right to decline and edit any kind of submission.

  2. We reserve the right to publish any approved submission and forum post over different domains.

  3. Unfortunately please note that UK and EU citizens will not be able to receive any form of reward.

Cash out rules:

  1. You will be able to cash out once your balance reaches the $8 threshold. This amount will be processed upon request to a crypto wallet (we will enable one or several options, LTC, BTC, ETH etc...).
  2. Make sure to properly fill in the wallet addresses in your account, please make sure to always correctly add your crypto wallet, we are not responsible for any mistake regarding processing your funds when it comes to wrong wallets.
  3. We try to process cash outs within 48hrs, but due to extraordinary circumstances this might to always happen accordingly.



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